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Gradbase is free for issuers and candidates, and in 2018 also for verifiers. For verifiers, we offer the following payment plans from next year onwards:


Free partial verifications

No account required. Simply scan a Gradbase QR code or click a Gradbase link to have the confirmation that candidate holds a record from a specific issuer

No access to portfolios

Upgrade to another plan to be able to browse candidates' portfolios of records

Pay as you go

(from 2019)

Pay for each verification

Pricing for verifying a record from the following countries is as follows:

United Kingdom £9/verification
France €10/verification
Italy €10/verification
United States $10/verification

Verify full records and candidates' portfolios

Access the full content of a candidates' record: grade, course, time of study, candidate picture and more

You can also access all of the candidates' records in one go via their portfolio


Free full record verifications and unlimited portfolios

Verify any record and portfolio for free

Available to universities and non-profit organisations only

Contact us to get free verifications!